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What can I do about my tinnitus?

According to the American Tinnitus Association, nearly 20 million Americans suffer from burdensome tinnitus; essentially a ringing or humming in your ears/head that is severe enough to seek medical attention. Although my tinnitus was never severe enough for me to seek medical attention, every morning I when I wake up, I know it it there. I, like most tinnitus sufferers, have managed to develop coping mechanisms, often unconsciously, to keep my attention off of the "buzz" and get on with my day. Nevertheless, it has become more noticeable in recent years and sparked my interest to better understand this condition. Over the past two years, I have been working with a team of the worlds leading PhD scientists and MDs in the tinnitus field to better understand the molecular underpinnings of tinnitus and through the blogs that follow will share what I have learned. This will include what treatment options are available and perhaps more importantly share my results with what treatment options look most promising for the future.


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